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Impressing lil sis

Impressing lil sis

I seriously miss my mini me. And I suck at keeping contact or telling her I miss her. But I’m sure she knows, because she’s just like me and she gets me.

Only for her do I eat vegan food with a smile! Follow her on Instagram, she’s awesome and unlike me very healthy.

Love you baby sis. Don’t give up on me, I’ll see you soon in Germany so you can show me all the places you used to spend time with dad at.


Hangry Private

Exploring vegan cooking

Exploring vegan cooking

What one does when bored…

I’m no fan of meat so therefor I’ve decided to try eating more vegetarian and sometimes even vegan food. I’m changing most of my and Kerr Jollof cookery to be vegan based with an easy option of adding meat as I know the rest of my family and many clients like their chops of various meat. I haven’t been a fan of as I say, ”meat meat” in years and nowadays not even chicken tastes good. Fish and seafood I guess I’ll always love that…

Here’s how to do my quick and easy fake fried yellow rice with vegan minced stu.

Fake fried yellow rice
Boil your rice just as you would any other day but add 1-2 table spoons of tumeric and parsily. Just before the rice is done add veggies for broke bishes (meaning non frozen veggies) and stir them in to your rice. Season it the way you like, I mainly use the same spices as always for everything.

Vegan minced stu
Use the amount of vegan minced meat that you prefer and fry it together with some chopped onions. Add some ready bought salsa, tomato paste and some of that frozen veggie goods. Season as you like and leave it to cook for a while.

Serve it as you like, I prefer adding some salad and beans. For meat eaters just switch the vegan meat to whichever you like…