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Another type of vixen

Another type of vixen

Ni vet hur man kallar tjejer som är med i videos för vixens, Well jag har märkt att jag gillar att vara en vixen. Men en annan slags sådan än det man direkt tänker på när men hör ordet i sig. En skönhet och mode vixen helt enkelt!

Det här året har jag fått göra så många roliga ”vixen jobb”. Typ som detta med Lyko och Färg där jag skulle filma en tutorial med min favorit look ”everyday glam”. Ni kan se klippet här.

Jag har även gjort en snutt för Idun minerals i år tillsammans med Mimmi. Samt nu senast en grej för Åhléns med Frida Selkirk som jag tyvärr inte kan berätta mer om ännu. Hoppas definitivt på fler liknande uppdrag!

Juste, vill ni shoppa loss hos Färg makeup så ger min kod för alltid 15% på ert köp. Den fina paletten man ser mig hålla i är en måste produkt i allmänhet men också min absoluta favorit ur Färgs sortiment. Heter Everyday palette och finns i två varianter, för nu… Och vad menar jag med det? Får ni se efter årsskiftet!

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Heal your hearts sisters of mine

So is all hope lost?! Was the original name of the last post of this two post serie I did a while back. The first post, found by clicking here, was originally named “no you may not downgrade me!”. These where posted in March 2017, had to go in and cross check. Do let me know what you think of them, should I do more post like these two?! What was good or bad?! And thank you all for the sweet messages I’ve received over the past two posts of mine!

So what would they tell their younger selves if they had a chance?!

“I would tell myself at ages 5, 15 and 20 that I am fabulous the way I am” xxx

“Embrace your curves, fuck everyone who thinks you are fat.” Pandora Roa Brynildsen

“Girl you is popppiiin, dat melanin is poppin don’t worry. You got this!” Aeini Kutenbe

Viola is wearing a skirt from L’IMPERATRICE & L’HOMME (my brand).

So how do we change this ludicrous ideas of ourselves?!

1. Be your sister keeper, even when it doesn’t favor you! We must support our own in all ways, shapes and formats we can. White feminists must also acknowledge that even though the “enemy” is the same our struggles differs in ways crucial for them to voice out and not be offended by!

2. Be more critical of which (media) outlets you get your daily narrative from. “Now when I can choose my own media intake it really helps me.” /xxx

3. Choose your battles better/wiser and remember that just because you “woke af” everybody ain’t and there’s no shame in that either. “Bash the society that makes you believe that white is beautiful and not the person who can’t help they’ve been white washed.” /xxx

A perfect way to end this mini series about self love as a colored woman on women’s day is, according to me, by sharing this editorial that we made somewhat spontaneously a few weeks ago. My ego said I should practice what I preach and ask these magical ladies to join me and looking back at it I’m sure it was the perfect thing to do. We all represent different things yet we are the same. We are strong beautiful colored women who has overcome and shall keep overcoming anything in our way of loving, accepting and truly being ourselves!

Sue is waering ISA fashion

Viola is wearing ISA Fashion & turban from GamPlus clothing

Quotes to reflect upon!

“I don’t need to conform to any standard of beauty, I would rather stress the fact that loving yourself in and out is key for standing tall.” Sue Chintu

“Typical white girl; blonde with straight hair and blue or green eyes.” /xxx

“My definition of beauty never settles it occurs in different places and in all people” Aeini Kutenbe

“Other people’s recognition is not relevant.” Bethlehem Isaak

The photos in this post is taken by Amun-Re photography and was styled by me.

/Aysha Jones