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Urea, I found it!

Urea, I found it!

CCS started in 1979 in the Swedish city Borlänge and is the producer of Sweden’s and England’s most sold foot cream. The brand both sells their own products as well as manifacture others.

I was invited to a exclusive press breakfast for the brands relaunch of their new profile and boost of their most selling products in new packaging by the well known firm Juno PR. It was, as most of the firms events, very thoughtful and well executed consisting of both facts and fun! What else do a blogger like myself need?!

We were told that our heals has the thickest skin and the skin under our feets is the only spot on our body that has no hair due to lacking of sebaceous gland. Which means that our feets don’t produce any natural fat and needs to be manually moisturized by us.

Karbamid (urea) is said to be the skins natural moisturizing factor. A dry skin is a sign of low karbamid values as well as nmf factors. It’s a important for binding water in our bodies as it moisturizes and enhances the skin’s barrier.

In water it (karbamid) hydrolizes into amoniac and has been extracted from urin since 1821.

For the ones with extra dry feets it’s recommended that you take footbaths prior to moisturizing your skin as our nails tend to soak all moist from our skin so a trick is also to soak ones nails prior to cutting it.

I love attending events that also increases my knowledge and isn’t just held for the sake of hosting an event. As I’m very selective in which events I attend I’m always happy when brand do presentations like this. A part from this, CCS is also the brand behind the Indy beauty products which I’ve written about before. Hope you read the posts.!

Fun facts!
Did you know that the skin has ca 4,5 ph value.

Well I’ll do a short review of the products I’ve tested so far on my blog next week. Knock yourself out with the reading and go to my insta for a sneak peek!


Ps. This post was written before I decided to write in Swedish.

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Flawless makeup needs flawless skin!

Flawless makeup needs flawless skin!

Don’t fool yourselves babes, without a skin on fleek no makeup will look good and most importantly stay good throughout the day! This I learnt from my teachers at Makeupstudion makeup school, which may I say is the best makeup school in Sweden. I might be bios but hey, aren’t we all sometimes?

I’m always complimented for my flawless skin but do you know how I prep my skin?

I did a interview yesterday (I’ll share it once it’s out) and we came to the conclusion that I got about 40 products, give or take some, that I use on a regular basis. I know it’s sick. All though I love those products it’s definitely not necessary to have all of them, my setup consists of various serums, day creams etc. because I like to use different brands products depending on how my mood is. You however, you can do great with just one pair of each item. Saves you a lot too!

Well this is what I do, pre-makeup that should last an entire day that is.

1. Wash off with a soft peeling scrub and makeup remover. Quick wipe off with a micellar water.

2. Face mask. Right now I’m trying out a mask from Kiss NY Pro with active charcoal. My favorite however is the ones from Acasia but they cost more so I only use them for special occasions.

3. Serum & day cream. I’m a sucker for Idun minerals skincare products in general and they’re my to go to brand but right now I’m mixing it up with another wünder product the heavenly drops & extra loving cream from Palina.

4. Face mist. I love to use Rosenserien’s rose water for this part!

5. After all of this sometimes I spray a bit of NYX settingspray or I just go ahead and apply my makeup.

One thing I do know is that my makeup does last long, for example in these photo I’m wearing yesterday’s makeup & it still looks very natural and ok.


Glow by force!

This post contains ad links, however all products are loved & approved by me!

One comment I get a lot is ”your makeup looks so natural”… Well, that’s because it’s natural. Or at least most of the times! I rarely use makeup on daily basis, not because I don’t want to or so. I’m just too lazy to apply it and honestly I suck at doing my own makeup. There, I said it!

However I’m a sucker for skincare products and started doing various routines for achieving different results. This one is my ”glow by force” fix, and it gives instant results. According to me!

1. M Picaut: Hydra lagoon overnight mask

2. L’Oréal: Glow sugar scrub

3. Acasia: Lift me up sheet mask

4. Idun minerals: Moisturizing eye cream

5. Idun minerals: Rich moisture serum

6. Idun minerals: Enriched day cream

=glow that would make the sun feel some type of jelly way!

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Beauty Private

Emergency face care routine

My face has been totally in pain these last couple of weeks due to much stress and unhealthy living. So I had to do a hardcore emergency 3 day treatment plan as I got few modeling jobs coming up soon and I can’t have bad skin for that!

Day 1:

Morning: Acasia start me up sheet mask, Idun minerals serum & day cream

Mid day: Noxi doxi detox cleanser, serum & blur & care pollution blocker, Rosenserien rosewater mist.

Evening: L’Oréal sugar scrubs (I’ve written about these before here), Kiss NY Pro face mask, Acasia 24hr repair cream

Night: Idun minerals cleansing face & eye lotion and M Picaut hydra lagoon overnight mask

Day 2:

Morning & midday: Pretty much the same apart from me skipping the morning section as the overnight mask keeps my skin in balance a little longer throughout the day, however I did apply some eye cream from Idun minerals.

Evening & night: I also did all steps earlier that the first day and changed the L’Oréal scrubs to the Rosenserien bodypeeling.

For night time I also used the clean cleanser & recovery mask from Acasia an hour or so before applying my face mask.

Day 3:

Morning: Acasia start me up sheet mask, Noxi doxi revolution eye gel, Idun minerals eye cream, serum & day cream and Rosenserien rosewater.

Midday: Bulldog face wash, moisturizer & age defense on my face parts that refuses to understand that “black don’t crack” (don’t tell bae I stole some of his products!).

Night: Noxi doxi detox cleanser, Monty’s glow afrimagic peeling mask. Idun minerals serum, eye cream and night cream.Image borrowed from Idun minerals

Image borrowed from Idun minerals

I can now brag about my flawless skin again, and the lessons learned are never to stress so much that my skin is effected because that’s when it all begins to crumble inside as our body is a direct mirror to how we feel inside. In this below photo I’m only using a tinted day cream from Idun minerals, concealer from Kiss NY Pro, brow pencil from Depend cosmetics and Idun minerals perfect brows brow gel, yet I look like I’ve spent hours in front of the mirror with far more products in my face than I have!


The only scrub I want!

Products featured was given to me in PR

So a while back I got to try the L’Oréal news in skincare, makeup & haircare. So far I’ve gotten to try only the skincare products and they are lit.

The new face scrubs, or as L’Oréal calls them “smooth sugars scrubs”, comes in three types and each one has it’s own little magic touch. All jars are at 50ml and retails at around 100-130SEK.

Clearing scrub (green)

Is said to be reducing blackheads and purification of your skin. The whole thing makes me think of kiwi and I had to remind myself to not go and make a smoothie with it! It has a very fresh and soft scent to it and is kind of like summer drinks with friends, I love it.

Glow scrub (brownish)

So everyone knows I’m a glow junkie right?! Like anything that glows or makes me glow I want. Therefore I’m also very critical when it comes to products of “glowing kinds” and had such high hopes for this one (tried it last). I wasn’t let down! The glow scrub is set to “polish & boost radiance” in ones face and it sure does. For me who goes extra on glow I’d like a little bit more glow thou, I felt it polished more than it gave a glow. Don’t get me wrong the glow is there, I’m just extra everything right now!

The scent has a reminder of candy, kind of like the coca-cola treats from Candy people Sweden. Love those!

Ok so the last one is my favorite, and probably the one I would buy most of. However I think a combination of all three is optimal for a great skin, if scrubs is your cup of tea that is.

Caring scrub (chocolate)

As the combined name for these three magic jars are “smooth sugars” I think the Caring scrub is most close to the name. It left my skin smooth as a baby’s tush and kept it from being dry and boring. No one has time to crack up! It’s said to soften and soothe dryness which I think it did perfectly. Overall this one is my favorite and I kept telling everyone at home to touch my face which is a big no no otherwise!

I had everyone in the family try them (L’Oréal feel free to send new ones because mines are almost done *crying*), and they also liked them. Even the “who has time for skincare” men (who nowadays has lots of time for it #Iwin) and my tiny kids. It was a cute little family spa night at home for such a good price too!

/Aysha Jones

PS. My photographical skills are improving right, I took all photos!