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Stella sure got my grove on

Detta inlägg innehåller sponsrade produkter, alla åsikter kring produkten är dock mina utan extern påverkan.

Stella sure got my grove on

Som ni redan vet så döper jag alla mina peruker och den jag har använt mest under 2018 heter Stella. En rosa bob som ger liv till den som bär den, groove life!

En av mina favorit perukmakaren, Scalp perfection, gjorde den till mig inför exakt samma period som jag står inför nu. En period med många resor inom kort tid, fotograferingar och events. Vad ni inte vet är att innan jag fick Stella hade jag tappat min mojo och mitt självförtroende var i botten. Precis som kvinnan jag döpte den efter från filmen How Stella got her groove back. Jag vet att det låter ytligt och lite löjligt men när man mår så som jag gjorde då kan en yttre förändring få ens inre att förändras med. Och Stella i sin perfektion gjorde precis det. Bara se på bildbonanzan så förstår ni!

Alla bilder ovanför är tagna utav Katriina Mäkinen, utom den på peruken som är tagen från Scalp perfections Instagram.

Tack finaste Oley för denna välgjorda och sjukt snygga peruken. You gave me Stella and Stella gave me life!


Not so black anymore?!

Everyone that knows me, or actually everyone that has met me more than twice must have noticed I mainly wear #AllBlack outfits and I’m a happy shameless owner of 101 black dresses. Or perhaps not exactly 101 but still more than I or anyone needs!

But in true summertime spirit I occasionally also wear bright, mostly pink or white, outfits and it sure was easier few years ago when I wasn’t so clumsy. Do you wear mostly black or perhaps more colorful ones? I’m actually liking the few white statement pieces I have in my wardrobe but doubt I’ll ever be ok with wearing colorful prints! And no, I’m not talking about ”African prints” because those I love and I’ll always stay true to my black diamond items…

This is what I wore the other day when my blog refused to let me post anything.

I doubt that they are available for sale as I got all items few years ago from Oxygen (jacket might be from and the purple body is from a shop no one should buy from again… My wig is made by Scalp perfection and glasses from Firminio sthlm, bag from Hugo Boss. Go to my Instagram (click here for direct link) to see where my cute shoes are from, I bet you could never guess!

Pro hack tips of always being on point with your outfits:

  1. Keep you ”chill outfits” to a style and standard of others classy casual outfits, that way even when you are dressed down you will be on point!
  2. Plan ahead and keep a few ”ready made looks” for various occasions. Stressed outfits shows and can look messy once you are not as stressed as when putting it together…
  3. In case of doubt, new locations etc black is always black and a LBD has never failed nobody. Top it off with red lips!