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Another type of vixen

Another type of vixen

Ni vet hur man kallar tjejer som är med i videos för vixens, Well jag har märkt att jag gillar att vara en vixen. Men en annan slags sådan än det man direkt tänker på när men hör ordet i sig. En skönhet och mode vixen helt enkelt!

Det här året har jag fått göra så många roliga ”vixen jobb”. Typ som detta med Lyko och Färg där jag skulle filma en tutorial med min favorit look ”everyday glam”. Ni kan se klippet här.

Jag har även gjort en snutt för Idun minerals i år tillsammans med Mimmi. Samt nu senast en grej för Åhléns med Frida Selkirk som jag tyvärr inte kan berätta mer om ännu. Hoppas definitivt på fler liknande uppdrag!

Juste, vill ni shoppa loss hos Färg makeup så ger min kod för alltid 15% på ert köp. Den fina paletten man ser mig hålla i är en måste produkt i allmänhet men också min absoluta favorit ur Färgs sortiment. Heter Everyday palette och finns i två varianter, för nu… Och vad menar jag med det? Får ni se efter årsskiftet!

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Vita liberata, tanning made luxurious!

This post contains adlinks from Adviral, however all options are as usual my own!

Vita liberata, a multi award winning luxury tanning and beauty brand founded by Alyson Hogg 2003 with ecological, natural and syntethic ingredients. The brand has tanning products for both face and body that consists of traditional lotions, mousse, serum, overnight mask and powder.

Thou Vita liberata has it’s ground in tanning they have also ventured into skincare and makeup. As well as products with spf to ensure the all around coverage as tanning products don’t consist of a cover for sun and UV radiation.

Photo borrowed by Vita liberata

Was told that one can use the mousse and use white linen without worrying about stains in the morning as the product absorbs quickly. This is kind of revolutionary as most products don’t offer that ability and we are told (in school for becoming a tanning artist) to inform our clients to use dark clothes and linen after using tanning products!

One thing I’m not sure if you all know of is that I also do spray tanning and I try to encourage more people of color to try it as it gives this amazing glow to the skin and actually stays longer on darker skins. How great isn’t that?! I’ve also posted recently about another tanning brand and will try both to hopefully be able to compare the results. However I’m all ready leaning towards using Vita liberata more as it’s also has spray tan products, which I can use for work too!

Vita liberata is distributed by Christian Hallberg AB in Sweden who also has brands such as Kiss NY Pro, Noxi doxi and more. NKD skin is the follow up brand from Vita Liberata, which has a lower price range.

To read more about these products or to shop, click here.

A little background about DHA

DHA is dehydrating so the skin might feel a bit dry after any type of tanning with tanning products, therefor it’s important to moisturize well afterwards. The substance is made from vegetable glycerin found in sugar beet and is a natural sugar substance. One can also attain higher levels of DHA by eating fish such as salmon, trout, mackerel, sardines, krill and herring, as well as fish liver oil. However one needs to eat a ridiculous amount of it to see effects on ones skin.

Read more about DHA by clicking here.


Ps. Write this a while back hence why it’s in english. Future post will all be in Swedish

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Heal your hearts sisters of mine

So is all hope lost?! Was the original name of the last post of this two post serie I did a while back. The first post, found by clicking here, was originally named “no you may not downgrade me!”. These where posted in March 2017, had to go in and cross check. Do let me know what you think of them, should I do more post like these two?! What was good or bad?! And thank you all for the sweet messages I’ve received over the past two posts of mine!

So what would they tell their younger selves if they had a chance?!

“I would tell myself at ages 5, 15 and 20 that I am fabulous the way I am” xxx

“Embrace your curves, fuck everyone who thinks you are fat.” Pandora Roa Brynildsen

“Girl you is popppiiin, dat melanin is poppin don’t worry. You got this!” Aeini Kutenbe

Viola is wearing a skirt from L’IMPERATRICE & L’HOMME (my brand).

So how do we change this ludicrous ideas of ourselves?!

1. Be your sister keeper, even when it doesn’t favor you! We must support our own in all ways, shapes and formats we can. White feminists must also acknowledge that even though the “enemy” is the same our struggles differs in ways crucial for them to voice out and not be offended by!

2. Be more critical of which (media) outlets you get your daily narrative from. “Now when I can choose my own media intake it really helps me.” /xxx

3. Choose your battles better/wiser and remember that just because you “woke af” everybody ain’t and there’s no shame in that either. “Bash the society that makes you believe that white is beautiful and not the person who can’t help they’ve been white washed.” /xxx

A perfect way to end this mini series about self love as a colored woman on women’s day is, according to me, by sharing this editorial that we made somewhat spontaneously a few weeks ago. My ego said I should practice what I preach and ask these magical ladies to join me and looking back at it I’m sure it was the perfect thing to do. We all represent different things yet we are the same. We are strong beautiful colored women who has overcome and shall keep overcoming anything in our way of loving, accepting and truly being ourselves!

Sue is waering ISA fashion

Viola is wearing ISA Fashion & turban from GamPlus clothing

Quotes to reflect upon!

“I don’t need to conform to any standard of beauty, I would rather stress the fact that loving yourself in and out is key for standing tall.” Sue Chintu

“Typical white girl; blonde with straight hair and blue or green eyes.” /xxx

“My definition of beauty never settles it occurs in different places and in all people” Aeini Kutenbe

“Other people’s recognition is not relevant.” Bethlehem Isaak

The photos in this post is taken by Amun-Re photography and was styled by me.

/Aysha Jones

Beauty Daily Fashion Private Work

From the archive

Please also notice my first attempt to wear makeup with way too ashy foundation….

Growing up as a colored nappy chubby girl in a small Swedish town in the early eighties was everything but fun or easy. All I remember is struggle. Identity struggle. Skin tone struggle. Nappy hair struggle. Chubby girl struggle. Prejudice struggle. Every damn day there was a struggle.

I dont remember who the two other ones are but the skinny black girl is my big sister!

Always in my braids…

All I remember is fighting for my right to exist, in so many different ways . My fight started when I was in kindergarten because it was by that time I realized I was black. A black child living in a white country.

Sad thing is, I’m still struggling. But I’ve ended the war against myself and I came out a winner in all possible ways because I learned to love myself, see myself to be enough as I am and most importantly be my damn self!

Since I’ve grown older and got kids of my own I’ve started reflecting upon how one teaches (children) self love or even explain it to a child or young adult. I started observing colored women around me, how they behave when in company of other colored women and when with non colored women. I noticed that the behavior has changed over the years and decided to ask a few what they think about self love, being a black woman and how their views has changed over the years. That is if it has changed at all…

/Aysha Jones

This is a repost from an old post of mine, posted 1-2years ago. I just found the draft for it in my old laptop. However the last three photos are new and taken by Katriina Mäkinen. The photo of grown up me in a afro next to young me is taken by Baraka Bahati.



So we had a mask night and tried some of the many masks I’ve gotten but haven’t really managed to try.

Omg it’s so cold & I look like Jim Carey!

I’ve been under a lot of stress emotionally and physically lately and I can tell my body is so unbalanced right now I need a compass to get right! Do let me know if you have any good tips on how to unwind and stop stressing about things.

We tried two masks from two different brands but kind of felt the same results; moisturized & smooth like an operator!

Kocostar slice sheet masks

Comes in various flavors such as cucumber, watermelon, lemon and so on. The scent is as the name reveals and so yummy one forgets it’s a face mask and not a real eatable! It’s not like the regular sheet masks that covers your entire face rather it’s tiny circles that you place here and there as in wherever you feel needed. You do need to tap the sheets a bit for them to stick and if you’re a person with hairy face it won’t stick so no need trying.

The Kocostar masks are said to give your face a natural glow, rehydration and softer surface and Ous used the watermelon flavored one.

Kiss NY Pro does have a few masks to choose from such as the ones I used (Hydrogel face mask, charcoal powder) or their broad range of face sheets and hydrogel face masks. As most mask theirs also come in various flavors as mentioned above where each flavor has it’s own perks and focus areas. One that I really want to try is the African black soap mask!

The hydrogel mask I used is said to have a pore minimizing & purifying effect for your pretty face!

It’s a water based gel mask with essential oils and natural extracts. Dermatologically tested, without parabens or artificial colorants.

Both masks at supposed to be applied on a clean dry skin for approximately 15-30 minutes but can be used as a overnight mask as well.

My favorite amongst the two types is the full face masks as I don’t like sticky things and applying the slice sheets seems a bit trickier than the face mask which only consists of two pieces whilst the slice sheets has twelve smaller pieces. It also feels like the face masks gets all of your face however the slice sheets allows you to only “mask where you need it” and is preferable if you want to double mask (use different type of masks for individual trouble areas).

Well. To buy the masks please click here for masks from Kiss NY Pro or click here for masks from Kocostar. If you do buy any and tries them, please let me know what you think by sending me a dm on Instagram. You’ll find me there as iamayshajones.

Stay maskalicious everyone!



Team Huda

Post in collaboration with Vass PR /Huda Beauty

Ok so I don’t have lots to say about this highlight palette beside that I love it! I like the creamy texture to it but I’m not sure if it would be even better had it just been a dry powderish product. I think so but I’m not sure… Have you tried it? If so did you like it? I did a short spontaneous makeup session on my Instagram stories the other day and I’m overwhelmed with the feedback I got from you who follows me there, wow! I know it’s a bit of an investment with makeup but I think that we’re all worth it and as far as we can afford it, go for it! Live a little, which is also my new motto in life.

So, live a little and get yourself the Huda beauty palette.


Ps. I always use the palette from Färg collection to create a base of highlight before applying any other highlight


Beautifully Daisy…

Scroll down for english.

Wow, vilken helg! Har tagit dagen till att bara processera alla intryck, nya ansikten och all matnyttig information jag fick under helgen. Som också var helt magisk och utan dess like. Jag lunchade med Kicki för ett tag sedan och hon sa det att jag har inget att oroa mig för och ett Daisy event är inte som andra. Oh my vad rätt hon hade! Allt var väl genomtänkt, allt ifrån första sekund då man i fredags efter lunch klev in i Tändstickspalatset tills då vi avrundade lördagskvällen med drinkar på Strandvägen 7A.

”Ok, så vad hände, vem är Kicki och vad är ett Daisy event?”, undrar kanske du nu. Kicki Norman som tidigare jobbat inom redaktionella sammanhang startade Daisy beauty magazine som nu är Sveriges ledande skönhetsmagasin. Hon tillsammans med sitt team (bland annat fantastiska Sam, som jag med mina egna fördomar självklart trodde var en kvinna (sorry!) fram tills i fredags) arrangerar lite olika skönhetsevent där Daisy beauty expo kanske är det mest unika av dom. Under en två dagars fullmaxad tillställning får människor inom branschen först gå på föreläsningar om skönhet (produkter, varumärken och ren fakta presenteras) utav noga utvalda föreläsare. Sista dagen spenderas som en stor mässa (vill dock inte gärna kalla det för mässa för mässor är SÅ tråkiga och detta var allt annat än tråkigt!) med sjukt ambitiösa montrar utav ledande svenska och internationella skönhetsmärken men även uppkommande och några helt nya varumärken deltog!

Helt klart ett utav de bästa arrangemang jag deltagit i och jag hoppas få samt kunna gå på nästa, och nästa och nästa….

Mitt råd till alla som jag själv är newbies på nästa expo; gå med i Facebook gruppen och nätverka lite där innan samt ställ alla frågor du har. Bring a suitcase och ta en stund på dig emellan att bli av med alla stora påsar osv, ta bara det du faktiskt tycker om eller genuint vill testa. Varumärkena lägger ner otroligt mycket pengar på att medverka och självklart inser dom marknadsvärdet i det, men om du sedan inte använder en produkt eller ens skriver om det (postar bild på insta osv) så har du inte varit riktigt shysst mot varumärket och på det långa loppet inte heller mot Daisy beauty teamet som kämpar för att få ihop allt. Lägger till att stora influencers som tycker dom är för fina för att fylla i utvärderingsblanketten är sååå lame, det om något är det minsta man kan göra efter allt detta!

Råd till varumärken som inte ännu varit med som utställare är; don’t sleep on the expo! Ställ ut nästa år och planera era produktsläpp (eller i alla fall något) så det matchar med expon, jaga Kicki med team för datum om ni måste. Varför? Jo för att KUNNIGA och helt fantastiska bloggare, journalister och allmänt grymma beauty nördar är på plats och vill höra om just det NI har att berätta om. Bunkra med massor av samples som besökarna kan få med sig och tänk till en extra gång kring hur ni presenterar ert varumärke på plats.

Rådet till de som har varit med, vare sig under årets expo eller innan; fortsätt gå all in kring era montrar, det uppskattas och gör saken sååå mycket roligare. Plus det är större chans att besökarna lägger ut bilder etc från just er monter. Likaså i ert bemötande, precis som vi är ni trötta efter lång dag MEN de som gör bäst avtryck är de som trots trötthet gav allt till alla vad gäller bemötande och energi!

Och så slutligen till er som föreläser; fokusera på att ge ny kunskap (eller pränta in gammal pga vikten i det) och skippa säljet, de flesta som kommer till föreläsningarna är redan sålda på varumärket just pga att ni valts ut att vara där. Eller så har dom kollat upp lite i förväg i alla fall. Men genom att fokusera på fakta och kunskap så ökas intresset för ert varumärke ifall ni kan koppla den faktan på ett ödmjukt och snyggt sätt med era produkter. Trippel checka era presentationer efter ord, begrepp och bilder som kan anses stötande för er föreläsning är ert första möte under expon med oss besökare, har ni redan under föreläsningen tappat oss blir det svårt att fånga upp oss igen.

Ett stort tack till alla er som var med och ordnade detta, alla ifrån Kicki, Sam, alla utställare och alla underbara fina själar som jag småpratade med här och där. Och massa tack till mina pinglor Jasmin & Rebecka, var underbart att få hänga med er.

Wow, what weekend! I have taken the day to just process all the impressions, new faces and all the information I received over the weekend. Which was also absolutely magical and something I’ve never experienced before. I lunched with Kicki a while ago and she said I have nothing to worry abo

ut and that a Daisy event is not like others. Oh my she was so right! Everything was well thought out, from the first second on Friday after lunch when we went into the Tändstickspalatset until we rounded off on Saturday night with drinks on Strandvägen 7A.

”Ok, so what happened, who’s Kicki and what’s a Daisy event?”, might be what you are wondering now. Kicki Norman, former editor, started Daisy Beauty Magazine, now Sweden’s leading beauty magazine. She, together with her team (among other the amazing Sam who I’ll admit to thinking was a woman (sorry!) until when I mrt him on Friday) arranges a little different beauty event where the Daisy beauty expo is perhaps the most unique of them all. During a two-day full-fledged event, people in the industry first attend lectures on beauty (products, brands and facts) of carefully chosen lecturers. The last day is spent as a big fair (I do not want to call it a fair as fairs is so boring and this was anything but boring!) with sightly ambitious exhibitors of leading Swedish and international beauty brands, but also upcoming and some brand new brands took part!


Definitely one of the best events I participated in and I hope to get able to go to the next, and the next and next ….

My advice to everyone who like myself is newbies at the next expo; join with the Facebook group and network a little there before and ask any questions you have. Bring a suitcase and take a while to get rid of all big bags, etc. Just take what you actually like or genuinely want to try. The brands puts a lot of money on participating and of course, they realize the market value in it, but if you do not use a product or even write about it (post image on insta etc) then you have not really been nice to the brand and in the long run it’s not nice towards the Daisy beauty team that works hard to get it all together. Also let me ad to ”the big influencers” that think they are too important to fill in the evaluation form is sooo lame, if anything is the least you can do after all this!

My advice for brands that have not yet taken part as an exhibitor are; do not sleep on the expo! Participate next year and plan your product release (or at least something) so it matc

hes with the expo, chase Kicki and her team for the new date if you have to. Why? Well because proficient and absolutely amazing bloggers, journalists and generally awesome beauty nerds attends and wants to hear about exactly what YOU have to tell them. Stack lots of samples that visitors can get and spend a little extra time on thinking how to present your brand at the expo.


Advice to those who have been exhibiting, whether during the expo of the year or before; keep going all in on your displays, it’s appreciated and makes it soooo much more fun. Plus, there is a greater chance that visitors will post pictures etc from your stand if you do. That also goes for how you greet everyone. I get it, you are tired after a long day but so are we and those that gives their all of good energy are also those one remembers the most!

And finally to you as a lecturer; focus on teaching something new (or nag about something old because it’s importance!) and skip the sales talk. Most people that are there has all ready gotten to trust your brand simply because of you being there. Or maybe they’ve done a little research in advance. But by focusing on facts and knowledge it increase the interests of your brand if you can actually

connect it in a smooth and natural way to your products. Triple check your presentation, words, concepts and images that may be considered offensive will be your first encounter during the expo with us visitors, and if you loose us there it will be very hard to regain our trust and likes for the brand.

A big thank you to all those who contributed to this, everyone from Kicki, Sam, the entire Daisy beauty team, all exhibitors and all the wonderful souls I talked to here and there. And thank you very much to my gems Jasmin & Rebecka, it was wonderful to hang out with you for two whole days!

Beauty Daily Work

With hardships comes ease

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Idag har jag haft fulle rulle i studion hos Färg som plåtat för massa skoj och bad mig vara med som modell till lite utav allt det roliga. För er som inte vet så började jag min ”karriär” som modell för många år sedan och har bla gått runway på Stockholm fashion week för Bea Szenfeld. Min modell karriär tog dock slut lika fort som den startades eftersom jag blev på smällen och hela mitt fokus skiftade vilket ledde mig till att börja styla och jobba med events och PR.

Jag har under veckan som varit behövt fatta massa svåra beslut pga att min äldsta son är i ett läge där han behöver sin mamma mer nu när han inte mår så bra. Även om mina barn alltid har varit, är och kommer fortsätta vara min första prio så sög det att behöva skjuta på en del saker som jag verkligen sett fram emot och jobbat hårt för. Surt sa räven!

Jag är nöjd ändå, har hunnit med massor av coola saker denna veckan som att fixa fina boxar till Melanin boxes (köps här), fota med bästa assistenten Joi, hålla/arra spontan boxnings camp med nordiska mästaren Alex Bwambale från BST sports agency, möblerat om hemma (måste visa mitt hemma kontor snart!), hängt med mina små och övriga i familjen och massa annat.

Nu blir det att tvätta bort smink, dricka te och soooova!

Today I have had a hectic day in the studio at Färg who is shooting for lots of fun and asked me to be a model for some of it. For those of you who do not know, I started my ”career” as a model many years ago and have been done a show on the Stockholm fashion week for Bea Szenfeld amongst others. My model career, however, ended as soon as it started because I got pregnant and my entire focus shifted, which led me to start working as a stylist instead as well as with events and PR.

During the week, I have taken a lot of difficult decisions because my oldest son is in a position where he needs his mom now when he is not feeling well. Even though my children have always been, is and will continue to be my first prio, it sucked when I had to push some things that I really looked forward to and worked hard for. Sour said the fox (Swedish saying)!

I’m happy regardless, I’ve done lots of cool things this week like fixing nice boxes for Melanin boxes (buy them here), photoshoot with the best assistant Joi, arranged a spontaneous boxing camp with the Nordic champion Alex Bwambale from BST sports agency, re-furnished at home (must show my home office soon!), hanged with my little ones and others in the family and lots of other things.

Now I’m going to wash off my makeup, drink tea and sleeep!

/Aysha Jones

PS. Med min kod ”aysha” får du 15% rabatt på allt hos Färg, klicka här för att shoppa loss!
With my code ”aysha” you get 15% discout on all items from Färg, click here to shop!