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Another type of vixen

Another type of vixen

Ni vet hur man kallar tjejer som är med i videos för vixens, Well jag har märkt att jag gillar att vara en vixen. Men en annan slags sådan än det man direkt tänker på när men hör ordet i sig. En skönhet och mode vixen helt enkelt!

Det här året har jag fått göra så många roliga ”vixen jobb”. Typ som detta med Lyko och Färg där jag skulle filma en tutorial med min favorit look ”everyday glam”. Ni kan se klippet här.

Jag har även gjort en snutt för Idun minerals i år tillsammans med Mimmi. Samt nu senast en grej för Åhléns med Frida Selkirk som jag tyvärr inte kan berätta mer om ännu. Hoppas definitivt på fler liknande uppdrag!

Juste, vill ni shoppa loss hos Färg makeup så ger min kod för alltid 15% på ert köp. Den fina paletten man ser mig hålla i är en måste produkt i allmänhet men också min absoluta favorit ur Färgs sortiment. Heter Everyday palette och finns i två varianter, för nu… Och vad menar jag med det? Får ni se efter årsskiftet!

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What I wore to LWss19

I really suck at asking people to take my photo so unfortunately these are the best ones I have for you! Not all my outfits were captured on photo so I’ll shoot them at home and show you guys sometime in a near future. I hope….

Jacket: Zara

Body & trousers: Lidl

Shoes: Diechmann

Bag: New Yorker

Shades: Hermosa sunnies

These below photos are taken by a photographer I met at the Fashions finest event. Click here to go to Will’s Instagram.

Jacket: Zara

Top: Miss Fab by Fatou George

Skirt: they suck so let’s not mention them

Shoes: New Yorker

Bag: Glitter


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Let me tell you about Terri!

Let me tell you about Terri!

When I was in London I met so many cool people. With cool I don’t mean the way society looks at the word, I mean cool as in free spirits, warm-hearted kind and open people. Hey come sit with us people! One of those, a favorite was Terri!

So who is she?!

Terri is a Irish savy lady who’s energy is energizing and aura speaks volumes without her saying a word!

I’m amazed by her history of struggles turnt into strength and wisdom and I’m hoping she writes a book one day so you all can get to know her too! But until then do follow her on Instagram and enjoy these shots we spontaneously took at my favorite restaurant, McDonald’s. Yes, it’s a restaurant and the photos are as fab as a Big Mac with extra cheese!

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Fashions finest indeed!

Fashions finest indeed!

Fashions finest was started in 2010 by Deborah St Luis and is an leading event production company for fashion and entertainment in London. If you ask me it’s also a projectile for increasing diversity and launching new creative souls to the market, something they’ve mastered well throughout their years of establishment. I’ve been in contact with Deborah for many years always hoping to attend but unfortunately something always comes up if not my own fears as I’ve written about in a previous post readable by clicking here.

The fashion week shows took place in central London’s trendy Holborn area and offered both good and not so good showcasing designers. I’ll focus on the good because the world needs more of that!

My two favorite showcasing designers of Fashions finest shows SS19. However there were others with awesome designs as well, hopefully I can borrow photos from the organizer soon because it was hard to get good shots since the place was so full and no named seating arrangement.

Louisa Moody (UK)

Misora Nakamori (Japan/France)

Other memorable moments!

See more on my Instagram and Facebook page, both named @iamayshajones ofc.


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London, fashion & missed opportunities…

London, fashion & missed opportunities…

Those of you who has followed me since way back aka my day ones, knows that I used to live in London for a short while in 2004. I went there straight from collage thinking I’d become the next Naomi, as did all skinny and somewhat tall black girls at that time. I became no Naomi and not even a Tyra, however I did fall in love with London and it was a bittersweet love indeed. I went home, pregnant and stopped modeling as such. Instead I had a wonderful baby boy (he’s not so wonderful now however being the tiny teenage monster he’s!) and became who I was supposed to be. Me. In all my glory. But I’ve always wanted a way back to London’s fashion scene and God all mighty gave me plenty of them but scared as I was I always found a way to hold myself back. This summer has been all about facing inner demons and taking a good look at myself to find some type of reconciliation with myself, people of my past and present. So that I, we may welcome the beauty of the future in peace, self control, self confidence and most importantly self love.

I thank my dear friend Samira and my stronghold Ous for pushing me to go. And most of all I thank my new manager and confident qween Yasmina for making it all happen for me, listening to my fears and then ignoring them completely in full faith of my inner strength that I myself forgot I had. Without you I wouldn’t have made this personal milestone a reality and I’m so happy to have you in my ring corner!

Here’s some photos of myself because I know what y’all really wanna see and read about is the shows, the glory and the glam. Which I’ll give y’all in tomorrow’s post but if you can’t wait til then go to my Instagram where I’ll post few glimpses on my stories. Find me on @iamayshajones as per usual babes!

By the way. Do something crazy today and then tell me all about it, let’s be savage together!


Ps. My jacket is from Zara, bought on sale 1 1/2yr ago I think #gotitforcheap cos we ain’t flexing like that!

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Heard you wanted more!

Ok so I asked my followers on Instagram if I should post shorter post but more regularly and they said yes. Are you one of them? If not fix it by clicking here!

I’m I the only one with a love for Snapchat filters?!

My fave filter atm, see more on my Snapchat @aysha.jones

Anyways, these past few days has been so intense with fashion week and then a unexpected huge job opportunity for me as well as my oldest trying out a new medicine. However I’m alive and well, so excited for Saturday’s event that I’ve been honored to arrange with and for Vänsterpartiet Botkyrka. Not to mention the crazy work flöw (no typo, I’m being cool!) I got right now!

Want to know why I said yes to this booking? Check out my Facebook page @iamayshajones!

This week my goal is to get shit done, with that I mean everything that I’ve been running from fixing for so long. I’m just gonna do it and I sure will look fly doing so. Why? Well the below photo explains it all! Thank you darling Rebecka for sassing up my brows like this, I’m beyond happy with the result and looking forward to getting my makeup done by you soon!

First time plucking my brows!



Not so black anymore?!

Everyone that knows me, or actually everyone that has met me more than twice must have noticed I mainly wear #AllBlack outfits and I’m a happy shameless owner of 101 black dresses. Or perhaps not exactly 101 but still more than I or anyone needs!

But in true summertime spirit I occasionally also wear bright, mostly pink or white, outfits and it sure was easier few years ago when I wasn’t so clumsy. Do you wear mostly black or perhaps more colorful ones? I’m actually liking the few white statement pieces I have in my wardrobe but doubt I’ll ever be ok with wearing colorful prints! And no, I’m not talking about ”African prints” because those I love and I’ll always stay true to my black diamond items…

This is what I wore the other day when my blog refused to let me post anything.

I doubt that they are available for sale as I got all items few years ago from Oxygen (jacket might be from and the purple body is from a shop no one should buy from again… My wig is made by Scalp perfection and glasses from Firminio sthlm, bag from Hugo Boss. Go to my Instagram (click here for direct link) to see where my cute shoes are from, I bet you could never guess!

Pro hack tips of always being on point with your outfits:

  1. Keep you ”chill outfits” to a style and standard of others classy casual outfits, that way even when you are dressed down you will be on point!
  2. Plan ahead and keep a few ”ready made looks” for various occasions. Stressed outfits shows and can look messy once you are not as stressed as when putting it together…
  3. In case of doubt, new locations etc black is always black and a LBD has never failed nobody. Top it off with red lips!


Inspired by Kenza

This post contains adlinks.

I’m searching for inspiration for a shoot with active wear and stumbled across these lovely designs that Kenza did for Puma. I’m on my way to order the set shown on Kenza but first wanna know if any of you have bought it, if so what’s the verdict?! If you want to see more of her collaboration click here or in the links below to get directly to the garments in the photo!

1. Sweatshirt / 2. Hoodie / 3. Cap / 4. Backpack / 5. Sport-bra / 6. Tights / 7. Sneakers / 8. Pink hoodie / 9. Top / 10. Trousers

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Don’t all Queens shop at Seynur?!

I swear my hood has some of the best shops ever! It’s just such a shame people normally don’t want to shop out here because of status and other foolishness. I however love the local fashion shops and even more the inspiring owners of them.

For the Daisy beauty awards gala me, Awa & Polly visited one of the local shops in Tensta to search for an outfit we could wear. I had the task of styling my glam squad and fixed the most amazing outfits for Medina & Jasmin from Ida Sjöstedt. Katriina was there to capture us all on camera and you can see more photos on my Instagram @iamayshajones.

I came like a soccer mum, in a shirt that doesnt belong to me btw!

The light was so good, I had to take a selfie for the gram!

Me & Kicki Norman, chief publisher of Daisy beauty magazine. I loved her hair & makeup btw, so edgy and stylish!

Left with this hot number! Absolutley love this dress and I will find a way to wear it again. Photo taken by Katriina Mäkinen and makeup by Rasmus Pettersson


Ps. Watch the boomerangs for this on my Instagram, click here and let’s go!