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Yoga essentials

Yoga essentials

Det var ett tag sedan jag gjorde yoga och jag tycker det känns i mitt mående. Jag är inget yoga proffs men hela grejen med att få en lugn stund för mig själv gör mig gott. För att inte tala om att jag även äter bättre under perioder jag är aktiv med min morgon och ”mitt på dagen yoga”. Typ som denna frukost jag önskar jag åt nu, en bowl med overnight oats och lite annat gott. Recept på min (Kerr Jollof) overnight oats finns här.

Bjuder på lite bilder ifrån vår yoga shoot på Malta tidigare i år. Älskar dessa set från Hünkemöller! Bilderna på mig är tagna utav Katriina Mäkinen.

En annan favorit är sprayen från Gröna gredelina och badsaltet som har lite lugnande effekt. Läs mer om produkterna här.

Vad är era bästa tips för att hitta lugn?

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En liten morgon rant…

En liten morgon rant…

Måste få ranta lite denna tidiga söndag. Talat med många som säger samma sak nämligen och det stör mig att vi kan kollektivt gå ihop och rätta normativa människors misstag & fel men vi rättar inte våra egna eller backar våra egna.

Ex Emma Hallberg grejen. JÄTTE BRA reagerat & agerat utav folk. Men vrf läggs inte samma krut på att boosta ex en influencer som kunde ha fått de platser, uppdrag etc som Emma ”tog”?!

Hänger ni med hur jag menar?! Kampen måste alltid, enligt mig, vara tvåsidig. Inte bara en kamp där vi rättar de wrongdoings andra gör mot oss. Utan också att vi checkar oss själva och BACKAR oss själva. Lika kollektivt som när vi står upp mot de vi ansett gjort fel måste vi lyfta de som faktiskt gör rätt. Eller?!

Missförstå mig rätt nu. Call them out & all, I mean drag them if you must. Men glöm inte se bjälken i våra egna ögon. Vår bjälke är att vi inte lyfter och supportar varandra enough. Jag är inget undantag i många fall så jo jag kastar sten i glashus. But somebody had to say it so…

Tips på poc influencers vi kan lyfta, mer:

Irene Ekelund, elitidrottare/stylist/mua

Harriet Kyolaba, kreatör & powermum

David ”Mr Davvee” de Fataki, artist & instagrammer

Foto Hugoahero

Foto Johlinaphotography

Kan ge fler tips men nöjer mig här. Vill ni följa & supporta mig finns jag här på min blogg, min insta @iamayshajones & snart mer på YouTube.


Ps. Passar skamlöst på att göra reklam för min mini mässa, Glamation, nästa söndag, 25/11 kl. 10.00-18.00 på Skyddsrummet. Den är för alla och finns massa kul som en kan göra för enbart 75kr. De första 100 gästerna får även en lyxig goodiebag värd ca 3000kr!!!

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What I wore to LWss19

I really suck at asking people to take my photo so unfortunately these are the best ones I have for you! Not all my outfits were captured on photo so I’ll shoot them at home and show you guys sometime in a near future. I hope….

Jacket: Zara

Body & trousers: Lidl

Shoes: Diechmann

Bag: New Yorker

Shades: Hermosa sunnies

These below photos are taken by a photographer I met at the Fashions finest event. Click here to go to Will’s Instagram.

Jacket: Zara

Top: Miss Fab by Fatou George

Skirt: they suck so let’s not mention them

Shoes: New Yorker

Bag: Glitter


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Let me tell you about Terri!

Let me tell you about Terri!

When I was in London I met so many cool people. With cool I don’t mean the way society looks at the word, I mean cool as in free spirits, warm-hearted kind and open people. Hey come sit with us people! One of those, a favorite was Terri!

So who is she?!

Terri is a Irish savy lady who’s energy is energizing and aura speaks volumes without her saying a word!

I’m amazed by her history of struggles turnt into strength and wisdom and I’m hoping she writes a book one day so you all can get to know her too! But until then do follow her on Instagram and enjoy these shots we spontaneously took at my favorite restaurant, McDonald’s. Yes, it’s a restaurant and the photos are as fab as a Big Mac with extra cheese!

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Fashions finest indeed!

Fashions finest indeed!

Fashions finest was started in 2010 by Deborah St Luis and is an leading event production company for fashion and entertainment in London. If you ask me it’s also a projectile for increasing diversity and launching new creative souls to the market, something they’ve mastered well throughout their years of establishment. I’ve been in contact with Deborah for many years always hoping to attend but unfortunately something always comes up if not my own fears as I’ve written about in a previous post readable by clicking here.

The fashion week shows took place in central London’s trendy Holborn area and offered both good and not so good showcasing designers. I’ll focus on the good because the world needs more of that!

My two favorite showcasing designers of Fashions finest shows SS19. However there were others with awesome designs as well, hopefully I can borrow photos from the organizer soon because it was hard to get good shots since the place was so full and no named seating arrangement.

Louisa Moody (UK)

Misora Nakamori (Japan/France)

Other memorable moments!

See more on my Instagram and Facebook page, both named @iamayshajones ofc.


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London, fashion & missed opportunities…

London, fashion & missed opportunities…

Those of you who has followed me since way back aka my day ones, knows that I used to live in London for a short while in 2004. I went there straight from collage thinking I’d become the next Naomi, as did all skinny and somewhat tall black girls at that time. I became no Naomi and not even a Tyra, however I did fall in love with London and it was a bittersweet love indeed. I went home, pregnant and stopped modeling as such. Instead I had a wonderful baby boy (he’s not so wonderful now however being the tiny teenage monster he’s!) and became who I was supposed to be. Me. In all my glory. But I’ve always wanted a way back to London’s fashion scene and God all mighty gave me plenty of them but scared as I was I always found a way to hold myself back. This summer has been all about facing inner demons and taking a good look at myself to find some type of reconciliation with myself, people of my past and present. So that I, we may welcome the beauty of the future in peace, self control, self confidence and most importantly self love.

I thank my dear friend Samira and my stronghold Ous for pushing me to go. And most of all I thank my new manager and confident qween Yasmina for making it all happen for me, listening to my fears and then ignoring them completely in full faith of my inner strength that I myself forgot I had. Without you I wouldn’t have made this personal milestone a reality and I’m so happy to have you in my ring corner!

Here’s some photos of myself because I know what y’all really wanna see and read about is the shows, the glory and the glam. Which I’ll give y’all in tomorrow’s post but if you can’t wait til then go to my Instagram where I’ll post few glimpses on my stories. Find me on @iamayshajones as per usual babes!

By the way. Do something crazy today and then tell me all about it, let’s be savage together!


Ps. My jacket is from Zara, bought on sale 1 1/2yr ago I think #gotitforcheap cos we ain’t flexing like that!


Not so black anymore?!

Everyone that knows me, or actually everyone that has met me more than twice must have noticed I mainly wear #AllBlack outfits and I’m a happy shameless owner of 101 black dresses. Or perhaps not exactly 101 but still more than I or anyone needs!

But in true summertime spirit I occasionally also wear bright, mostly pink or white, outfits and it sure was easier few years ago when I wasn’t so clumsy. Do you wear mostly black or perhaps more colorful ones? I’m actually liking the few white statement pieces I have in my wardrobe but doubt I’ll ever be ok with wearing colorful prints! And no, I’m not talking about ”African prints” because those I love and I’ll always stay true to my black diamond items…

This is what I wore the other day when my blog refused to let me post anything.

I doubt that they are available for sale as I got all items few years ago from Oxygen (jacket might be from and the purple body is from a shop no one should buy from again… My wig is made by Scalp perfection and glasses from Firminio sthlm, bag from Hugo Boss. Go to my Instagram (click here for direct link) to see where my cute shoes are from, I bet you could never guess!

Pro hack tips of always being on point with your outfits:

  1. Keep you ”chill outfits” to a style and standard of others classy casual outfits, that way even when you are dressed down you will be on point!
  2. Plan ahead and keep a few ”ready made looks” for various occasions. Stressed outfits shows and can look messy once you are not as stressed as when putting it together…
  3. In case of doubt, new locations etc black is always black and a LBD has never failed nobody. Top it off with red lips!

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Heal your hearts sisters of mine

So is all hope lost?! Was the original name of the last post of this two post serie I did a while back. The first post, found by clicking here, was originally named “no you may not downgrade me!”. These where posted in March 2017, had to go in and cross check. Do let me know what you think of them, should I do more post like these two?! What was good or bad?! And thank you all for the sweet messages I’ve received over the past two posts of mine!

So what would they tell their younger selves if they had a chance?!

“I would tell myself at ages 5, 15 and 20 that I am fabulous the way I am” xxx

“Embrace your curves, fuck everyone who thinks you are fat.” Pandora Roa Brynildsen

“Girl you is popppiiin, dat melanin is poppin don’t worry. You got this!” Aeini Kutenbe

Viola is wearing a skirt from L’IMPERATRICE & L’HOMME (my brand).

So how do we change this ludicrous ideas of ourselves?!

1. Be your sister keeper, even when it doesn’t favor you! We must support our own in all ways, shapes and formats we can. White feminists must also acknowledge that even though the “enemy” is the same our struggles differs in ways crucial for them to voice out and not be offended by!

2. Be more critical of which (media) outlets you get your daily narrative from. “Now when I can choose my own media intake it really helps me.” /xxx

3. Choose your battles better/wiser and remember that just because you “woke af” everybody ain’t and there’s no shame in that either. “Bash the society that makes you believe that white is beautiful and not the person who can’t help they’ve been white washed.” /xxx

A perfect way to end this mini series about self love as a colored woman on women’s day is, according to me, by sharing this editorial that we made somewhat spontaneously a few weeks ago. My ego said I should practice what I preach and ask these magical ladies to join me and looking back at it I’m sure it was the perfect thing to do. We all represent different things yet we are the same. We are strong beautiful colored women who has overcome and shall keep overcoming anything in our way of loving, accepting and truly being ourselves!

Sue is waering ISA fashion

Viola is wearing ISA Fashion & turban from GamPlus clothing

Quotes to reflect upon!

“I don’t need to conform to any standard of beauty, I would rather stress the fact that loving yourself in and out is key for standing tall.” Sue Chintu

“Typical white girl; blonde with straight hair and blue or green eyes.” /xxx

“My definition of beauty never settles it occurs in different places and in all people” Aeini Kutenbe

“Other people’s recognition is not relevant.” Bethlehem Isaak

The photos in this post is taken by Amun-Re photography and was styled by me.

/Aysha Jones