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Yoga essentials

Yoga essentials

Det var ett tag sedan jag gjorde yoga och jag tycker det känns i mitt mående. Jag är inget yoga proffs men hela grejen med att få en lugn stund för mig själv gör mig gott. För att inte tala om att jag även äter bättre under perioder jag är aktiv med min morgon och ”mitt på dagen yoga”. Typ som denna frukost jag önskar jag åt nu, en bowl med overnight oats och lite annat gott. Recept på min (Kerr Jollof) overnight oats finns här.

Bjuder på lite bilder ifrån vår yoga shoot på Malta tidigare i år. Älskar dessa set från Hünkemöller! Bilderna på mig är tagna utav Katriina Mäkinen.

En annan favorit är sprayen från Gröna gredelina och badsaltet som har lite lugnande effekt. Läs mer om produkterna här.

Vad är era bästa tips för att hitta lugn?

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Vita liberata, tanning made luxurious!

This post contains adlinks from Adviral, however all options are as usual my own!

Vita liberata, a multi award winning luxury tanning and beauty brand founded by Alyson Hogg 2003 with ecological, natural and syntethic ingredients. The brand has tanning products for both face and body that consists of traditional lotions, mousse, serum, overnight mask and powder.

Thou Vita liberata has it’s ground in tanning they have also ventured into skincare and makeup. As well as products with spf to ensure the all around coverage as tanning products don’t consist of a cover for sun and UV radiation.

Photo borrowed by Vita liberata

Was told that one can use the mousse and use white linen without worrying about stains in the morning as the product absorbs quickly. This is kind of revolutionary as most products don’t offer that ability and we are told (in school for becoming a tanning artist) to inform our clients to use dark clothes and linen after using tanning products!

One thing I’m not sure if you all know of is that I also do spray tanning and I try to encourage more people of color to try it as it gives this amazing glow to the skin and actually stays longer on darker skins. How great isn’t that?! I’ve also posted recently about another tanning brand and will try both to hopefully be able to compare the results. However I’m all ready leaning towards using Vita liberata more as it’s also has spray tan products, which I can use for work too!

Vita liberata is distributed by Christian Hallberg AB in Sweden who also has brands such as Kiss NY Pro, Noxi doxi and more. NKD skin is the follow up brand from Vita Liberata, which has a lower price range.

To read more about these products or to shop, click here.

A little background about DHA

DHA is dehydrating so the skin might feel a bit dry after any type of tanning with tanning products, therefor it’s important to moisturize well afterwards. The substance is made from vegetable glycerin found in sugar beet and is a natural sugar substance. One can also attain higher levels of DHA by eating fish such as salmon, trout, mackerel, sardines, krill and herring, as well as fish liver oil. However one needs to eat a ridiculous amount of it to see effects on ones skin.

Read more about DHA by clicking here.


Ps. Write this a while back hence why it’s in english. Future post will all be in Swedish

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Flawless makeup needs flawless skin!

Flawless makeup needs flawless skin!

Don’t fool yourselves babes, without a skin on fleek no makeup will look good and most importantly stay good throughout the day! This I learnt from my teachers at Makeupstudion makeup school, which may I say is the best makeup school in Sweden. I might be bios but hey, aren’t we all sometimes?

I’m always complimented for my flawless skin but do you know how I prep my skin?

I did a interview yesterday (I’ll share it once it’s out) and we came to the conclusion that I got about 40 products, give or take some, that I use on a regular basis. I know it’s sick. All though I love those products it’s definitely not necessary to have all of them, my setup consists of various serums, day creams etc. because I like to use different brands products depending on how my mood is. You however, you can do great with just one pair of each item. Saves you a lot too!

Well this is what I do, pre-makeup that should last an entire day that is.

1. Wash off with a soft peeling scrub and makeup remover. Quick wipe off with a micellar water.

2. Face mask. Right now I’m trying out a mask from Kiss NY Pro with active charcoal. My favorite however is the ones from Acasia but they cost more so I only use them for special occasions.

3. Serum & day cream. I’m a sucker for Idun minerals skincare products in general and they’re my to go to brand but right now I’m mixing it up with another wünder product the heavenly drops & extra loving cream from Palina.

4. Face mist. I love to use Rosenserien’s rose water for this part!

5. After all of this sometimes I spray a bit of NYX settingspray or I just go ahead and apply my makeup.

One thing I do know is that my makeup does last long, for example in these photo I’m wearing yesterday’s makeup & it still looks very natural and ok.

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3 is the magic number!

3 is the magic number!

I’m so excited for today I woke up much earlier than I had to. I know, miracles do happen they say…

Reason for my excitement is the spa day I’ve been invited to by Idun minerals for the launch of their new products. Apart from new haircare products they’re finally(!) launching the product I’ve hinted about all summer in my blog and on Instagram, the tinted day cream which actually has my tone!!!

Their product developer Caroline gave me the honor of testing the very first batch and even though I couldn’t use that one my mother could. She’s a bit fairer in her tone than I. I gave my feedback to the lady with the magic touch and she took them right to heart and short after sent out a new batch for me to try and it was a match made in heaven! Ever since I’ve actually stopped using foundation daily and most often use the day cream with a setting powder or just as it’s. I love using it with the foundation powder from Idun as well!

I’m Helga & Helga is I!

My Idun foundation tone is Helga and as you could see on my stories the other day it’s time to buy a new one. For those wondering where you can get their full range I recommend the pharmacy in Kista, just opposite my favorite restaurant (yes it’s a restaurant because they got food and chairs!) McDonald’s. They most often have all the tones and products!

In these below unedited photos I only have the day cream on with my favorite lipstick and a brow gel. All from Idun, of course!Gotta share some photos of the awesome girl power team at Idun! Couldn’t find the photo of me & Efsane tho and I don’t think I have any photo of Gabi. Love the kissing photos of me & Cecilia haha!

Make sure to catch my insta live today at 2pm (14.00) and then again once we arrive at the spa!


Ps. If your a poc person struggling to find your perfect foundation match do dm me on Instagram and I’m more than happy to help!

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What I wore to LWss19

I really suck at asking people to take my photo so unfortunately these are the best ones I have for you! Not all my outfits were captured on photo so I’ll shoot them at home and show you guys sometime in a near future. I hope….

Jacket: Zara

Body & trousers: Lidl

Shoes: Diechmann

Bag: New Yorker

Shades: Hermosa sunnies

These below photos are taken by a photographer I met at the Fashions finest event. Click here to go to Will’s Instagram.

Jacket: Zara

Top: Miss Fab by Fatou George

Skirt: they suck so let’s not mention them

Shoes: New Yorker

Bag: Glitter


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Let me tell you about Terri!

Let me tell you about Terri!

When I was in London I met so many cool people. With cool I don’t mean the way society looks at the word, I mean cool as in free spirits, warm-hearted kind and open people. Hey come sit with us people! One of those, a favorite was Terri!

So who is she?!

Terri is a Irish savy lady who’s energy is energizing and aura speaks volumes without her saying a word!

I’m amazed by her history of struggles turnt into strength and wisdom and I’m hoping she writes a book one day so you all can get to know her too! But until then do follow her on Instagram and enjoy these shots we spontaneously took at my favorite restaurant, McDonald’s. Yes, it’s a restaurant and the photos are as fab as a Big Mac with extra cheese!

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Reserol, beauty from within…

The founders Magnus Nilsson Vall and Mikael Lindblad have backgrounds from working at major brands/corporations such as Omega pharma, Aco, Astrazeneca, Media, Galderma, Novartis, KRKA and Bayer.

Photo belongs to Reserol

They left their well paid jobs within pharmaceutical to start their own brand, Nutrinovate (more known as Reserol). A bold move that quickly proved to be the right one by creating ”the worlds first flat pill”, a Swedish innovation called Resveratrol boosting films. It’s a nutrition product that resolves in your mouth with it’s key ingredient being Resveratrol.

Resveratol is a plant polefynol, found in the skin of red grapes, with anti aging effects. It protects the skin against outer stress such as parasite- bacterial and virus attacs as well as against UV radiation.

The substance (resveratrol) has proven to give positive results on our skin, against diabetes, inflammation, and heart- and vascular diseases.

The brand has been nominated for several prizes and is the winner of Nutra ingredients awards 2018 for editors awards for innovations.

Some of you may remember when I visited their pharmacy in Täby, Stockholm a few months ago? If not it may be because you’re not following my stories and posts on Instagram, fix that! If you wish to see a short clip of me showing how to use the film then do click here.

Photo by Joviera Ikthiar

Coming soon…

I’ll leave you all with some news that haven’t yet been made public but given to me first hand during the Daisy beauty influencer seminar in Bath (taking place right now).

Reserol gave us an exclusive pre launch of two products that are coming soon on and launches in September at Apoteket (the pharmacy).

Overnight moisutre mask, 50ml (499kr)

A overnight mask with hexapeptides, sheabutter and vitamins that contributes to maintaining a moisturized skin. It gives a soft and smooth skin with a reduction of visible lines and protects the skin against dehydration.

Reserol retreat sheet mask, 10ml (4 masks for 795kr)

Consists of hyaluronic acid (HA), Resistress and Glycerin. Those substances should leave the face smooth, hydrated, have soothing effects and help your cells in epidermis to regenerate quicker. I will definitely try it and tell you more later!


PS. They also have a serum and tablets for boosting the immune system, hopefully I’ll tell you more about it in a near future.

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Decor, another type of beauty!

This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own and not by any way a effected of the collaboration at hand!

So as you who follows me on Instagram might have noticed (written it in my bio ICYMI) I’ve just became the ambassador of a interior design school called Inredningskurser.

I’m not sure how many of you knew I really like interior design so this may come as a surprise to some but to most it won’t. It’s a huge honor and with excitement that I start my journey towards another education within visual creativity!

The course I’m taking is a custom made one as I couldn’t decide on which one to take, typical me… Anyways, I’m taking their class certified interior designer and decorator /homestaging consultant in one and thought I’d share with you a little short summary of both.

Certified interior designer A online course for one year on halftime.

The course is very ”hands on”, ie you will work very practical with customers, collage, moodboards, color schemes, customer analysis, etc. to make you feel confident in your career when you’re done.

It consists of a six weeks optional trainee period and the school can help you find a place to intern at.

Once done and if you pass the certification test there’s a long list of various interior jobs you can fit for!

The course costs 38,000kr including VAT and one can make an installment plan through Klarna or pay the whole amount at once.

Decorator, homestaging consultant Online course for one year, halftime.

This course is aimed at those who want to work with interior design & homestaging professionally. During the course you will learn everything from coloring, lighting, furnishing, knowledge of how to work as an interior designer and how to create your own business.

The course costs 26,000kr including VAT and one can make an installment plan through Klarna or pay the whole amount at once.

As we’re going to do internship I’m in need of your help in finding a great place to do my internship at. Please send me your suggestions of interior design places or interior designers I could intern for. I’ll reward the person with a tip that leads to an internship with a surprise interior item, made by yours truly!

Follow me on my Instagram to see more of my daily student life and make sure to follow too!


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Ida Warg’s bathroom & I

Yup, you read the headline right and if you keep reading you will understand more!Yesterday I attended the last event for a month where I actually could eat but didn’t as Ramadan is closing in and was preparing myself for it by getting my body used to not eating.The event was held by my favorite Queens at Let’s face it in honor of the beautiful Ida Warg launching the first set of products from her new beauty brand. I know what you’re thinking “is all high profile influencers going to launch products?!”. Yes they are, why shouldn’t they! The questions to ask is “can they create good products and be innovative at the same time?!”.

This photo of today’s beautiful table setting is taken by Joanna from Let’s face it!

Beautiful Joi, my precious assistant and hopefully so soon again!

My answer to that is yes, it was lastly shown by Therese Lindgren and her brand Indy beauty (I’ve posted two post about this, read them here and here). If Ida Warg has pulled it off I can’t say as I just got the products but I’m impressed by the very energetic and humble power lady in more ways than one!Here’s a shortlist of why and how she’s impressed me, a review of the products will hopefully be up soon too.

1. No scent what so ever in the products and it’s non sticky! I hate sticky products, sticky anything really…

2. Social skills =100! Not many high profile influencers can keep their humbleness after massive fame and wealth, but Ida was so humble I didn’t know she was she until far in into our conversation.

3. Dashing mummy looks, someone needs to put her and the tiny belly on the cover of a magazine!

4. Her bathroom. It breathes Scandinavian elegance and luxury as it’s all in marmor and is definitely goals! We kinda agreed that I can stay there in return of cleaning her bathroom and I most definitely would, have you seen it?! She’s dropping a clip of her fancy home today on her YouTube! Click here for direct link.

The Ida Warg tanning collection consists of products four products. Whereas the spray and lotion is the ones I’m most keen on trying. Why?! Because spray tans on darker skin evens out the color and gives a flawless glow that lasts a while!

Spray and mousse, for the face and body

It’s said to give you that beautiful sun kissed results within 3 hours, consists of natural sugar (DHA) without azo colours.

“The products are easy to use and the right choice if you are looking for that airbrushed look.”

It don’t contain perfume and have no scent to it. It can be used by skin tones, moisturizes the skin for up to 48 hours and is 100% vegan!

Contains: 150ml (each)

Price: 179SEK (each)

Lotion, for face

The tanning lotion is said to give you that beautiful sun kissed results within 3 hours, consists of natural sugar (DHA) without azo colours.

It’s developed for ones sensitive skin on the face and it leaves your face feeling soft and revived. Just as the other products this one is 100% vegan!

Contains: 50ml

Price: 179SEK

Tanning mitt

It will help you achieve that perfect natural sun tan look, without living lines. The mitten can be reused!

Color: black with white text

Price: 49SEK

Are you going to try any of these?! Do let me know if you do and what you think of them! Btw, go to my Instagram @iamayshajones to see my cool boomerangs that I took whilst shooting the products.

/ Aysha

Ps. What do you think of photo skills?! I’m getting better don’t you think?!

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Sometimes I don’t feel so good…

This post has adlinks, however all thoughts are my own!

Ok so I know why it’s taken me so long to review this book. It’s not the fact that I don’t know what I think of it, rather it’s the fact of what it made me think of myself.

My thoughts on the book Sometimes I don’t feel so good (Ibland mår jag inte så bra)

What I loved the most about the book was it’s raw honesty. The fact that Therese so openly wrote about the thrill and need of attention to boost her self esteem and how she (sadly) isolated herself from everything and everyone. This is her love letter to not only herself but to all girls around Sweden struggling to juggle perfection and expectations of always feeling well. Because let’s face it, sometimes (all of us) just don’t feel so good!

The book also consists of short facts about various mental health conditions and what defines them. Very educational for those who might not fully understand the cores of them. To me they were a reality check from facts I’ve tried to ignore for long but now had to face and acknowledge.

Right after this I was decked out for hours, enjoyed my breakfast thou!

Loved this quality time with my son and our books in Madeira a while back.

My ultimate favorite from the Indy beauty collection, the hand lotion. I love the soft scent it has. Had to buy one for my daughter too!

Is it the best book I’ve read on the topic?

Probably not. However it’s the most important one of this day of age as Therese reaches a lot of young people and her writing this will hopefully help at least one or two young people from feeling alone and understanding mental illness. I do recommend it and it comes in two cover versions, hard cover and pocket. Part two of this post will be published tomorrow, it’s a sum up of both the book and the products by Therese Lindgren. Make sure to read it, there’s a twist in the end of tomorrow’s post!