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Yoga essentials

Yoga essentials

Det var ett tag sedan jag gjorde yoga och jag tycker det känns i mitt mående. Jag är inget yoga proffs men hela grejen med att få en lugn stund för mig själv gör mig gott. För att inte tala om att jag även äter bättre under perioder jag är aktiv med min morgon och ”mitt på dagen yoga”. Typ som denna frukost jag önskar jag åt nu, en bowl med overnight oats och lite annat gott. Recept på min (Kerr Jollof) overnight oats finns här.

Bjuder på lite bilder ifrån vår yoga shoot på Malta tidigare i år. Älskar dessa set från Hünkemöller! Bilderna på mig är tagna utav Katriina Mäkinen.

En annan favorit är sprayen från Gröna gredelina och badsaltet som har lite lugnande effekt. Läs mer om produkterna här.

Vad är era bästa tips för att hitta lugn?

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Flawless makeup needs flawless skin!

Flawless makeup needs flawless skin!

Don’t fool yourselves babes, without a skin on fleek no makeup will look good and most importantly stay good throughout the day! This I learnt from my teachers at Makeupstudion makeup school, which may I say is the best makeup school in Sweden. I might be bios but hey, aren’t we all sometimes?

I’m always complimented for my flawless skin but do you know how I prep my skin?

I did a interview yesterday (I’ll share it once it’s out) and we came to the conclusion that I got about 40 products, give or take some, that I use on a regular basis. I know it’s sick. All though I love those products it’s definitely not necessary to have all of them, my setup consists of various serums, day creams etc. because I like to use different brands products depending on how my mood is. You however, you can do great with just one pair of each item. Saves you a lot too!

Well this is what I do, pre-makeup that should last an entire day that is.

1. Wash off with a soft peeling scrub and makeup remover. Quick wipe off with a micellar water.

2. Face mask. Right now I’m trying out a mask from Kiss NY Pro with active charcoal. My favorite however is the ones from Acasia but they cost more so I only use them for special occasions.

3. Serum & day cream. I’m a sucker for Idun minerals skincare products in general and they’re my to go to brand but right now I’m mixing it up with another wünder product the heavenly drops & extra loving cream from Palina.

4. Face mist. I love to use Rosenserien’s rose water for this part!

5. After all of this sometimes I spray a bit of NYX settingspray or I just go ahead and apply my makeup.

One thing I do know is that my makeup does last long, for example in these photo I’m wearing yesterday’s makeup & it still looks very natural and ok.

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3 is the magic number!

3 is the magic number!

I’m so excited for today I woke up much earlier than I had to. I know, miracles do happen they say…

Reason for my excitement is the spa day I’ve been invited to by Idun minerals for the launch of their new products. Apart from new haircare products they’re finally(!) launching the product I’ve hinted about all summer in my blog and on Instagram, the tinted day cream which actually has my tone!!!

Their product developer Caroline gave me the honor of testing the very first batch and even though I couldn’t use that one my mother could. She’s a bit fairer in her tone than I. I gave my feedback to the lady with the magic touch and she took them right to heart and short after sent out a new batch for me to try and it was a match made in heaven! Ever since I’ve actually stopped using foundation daily and most often use the day cream with a setting powder or just as it’s. I love using it with the foundation powder from Idun as well!

I’m Helga & Helga is I!

My Idun foundation tone is Helga and as you could see on my stories the other day it’s time to buy a new one. For those wondering where you can get their full range I recommend the pharmacy in Kista, just opposite my favorite restaurant (yes it’s a restaurant because they got food and chairs!) McDonald’s. They most often have all the tones and products!

In these below unedited photos I only have the day cream on with my favorite lipstick and a brow gel. All from Idun, of course!Gotta share some photos of the awesome girl power team at Idun! Couldn’t find the photo of me & Efsane tho and I don’t think I have any photo of Gabi. Love the kissing photos of me & Cecilia haha!

Make sure to catch my insta live today at 2pm (14.00) and then again once we arrive at the spa!


Ps. If your a poc person struggling to find your perfect foundation match do dm me on Instagram and I’m more than happy to help!

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Bff or at least in book shape

Bff or at least in book shape

Did a photoshoot with my friend Thobias this summer for a book I was asked to be in. It’s about friendship and the book was released not long ago. I’d definitely say Thobias will be my friend for as long as I live!

Elin has done all the interviews for it and Rickard has taken the photos.

As you can see we did the shoot in my apartment and I must say it’s starting to look very photogenic. Done three shoots here this spring/summer alone!

I gave Thobias his copy at my birthday party, thought it be the perfect day to hand it over to him!

I really like the book and the thought behind it. It’s also very cool to have been asked and now have our friendship forever captured in a book! Who would you have done the book with if you could be in it, and why that person? I’d love to know so as always feel free to dm me on Instagram!


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Face boosting for magic moist & glow!

Face boosting for magic moist & glow!

Ok so I’ve been skipping my regular face care routines since beginning of summer and my face is officially unhappy with me for it. Therefor I just did a new face care routine that I’ve been doing for two weeks now and my face is finally coming back to it’s flawless self!

My goal was to cleanse my skin, reboost it with moist and glow. We tend to forget that cleansing and moist is the key to a great skincare routine and fresh look.

Here’s what I’ve been doing once a week, add lots of water and rest to the mix and it will have you looking like scmoney in a heartbeat.

Gentle peeling

As most, if not all, products from Rosenserien this peeling is ecological and based on the super plant Aloe Vera. I like the fact that it’s so gentle and soft on the skin. A perfect peeling product to start off with as it activates your skin without stressing it!

Deep cleansing clay mask

A favorite I haven’t used in a while in this clay mask from Rosenserien. It has just enough scents for me to be able to use it without feeling it’s too much. Recommend use is once per week.

The smooth sugar scrubs from L’Oréal

I’ve written about these before if I’m not mistaken. However they’re must haves in my “emergency detox” routine.

Soft peeling that soothes dry skin, softens it as well as gives the skin a magic glow! Who doesn’t want or need that?

Hydra lagoon overnight mask

“The one night product I’ll never change”, quoting myself from earlier this week on my Instagram! However this overnight mask with niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and malachite can also be used as a quick fix mask anytime of the day. The mask stimulates the skins collagen and boosts those tiny lines whilst giving your face a smoothing touch and a glow that lasts a whole day! I’ve actually stopped using night lotions and serums due to it.

Start me up sheet mask

The new sheetmask from one of my favorite skincare brands Acasia is loaded with active charcoal and retinol. One thing I love about the Acasia sheetmasks is it’s design, it makes you really feel as if you had a face lift. It both cleanses the skin, refines pores and gives an enchanted elasticity and glow!

Revolution eye gel

The bags under my eyes aren’t Chanel so they need to be gone!

The Noxi doxi rye gel is a two step gel which boost those bags and gives you back faith in humanity at once. I’d say that the brand itself and the products they produce is a statement for the environment and how we damage Mother Earth which also causes our skin to be damaged. The brand has an anti pollution skincare range with everything from face mists to lotions of various kinds. I love them, and the revolution eye gel is a favorite together with their detox makeup remover!

Let me know if you do try it and what effects it had on you.


Ps. I’ll tell you more about this baby soon

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What I wore to LWss19

I really suck at asking people to take my photo so unfortunately these are the best ones I have for you! Not all my outfits were captured on photo so I’ll shoot them at home and show you guys sometime in a near future. I hope….

Jacket: Zara

Body & trousers: Lidl

Shoes: Diechmann

Bag: New Yorker

Shades: Hermosa sunnies

These below photos are taken by a photographer I met at the Fashions finest event. Click here to go to Will’s Instagram.

Jacket: Zara

Top: Miss Fab by Fatou George

Skirt: they suck so let’s not mention them

Shoes: New Yorker

Bag: Glitter


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Let me tell you about Terri!

Let me tell you about Terri!

When I was in London I met so many cool people. With cool I don’t mean the way society looks at the word, I mean cool as in free spirits, warm-hearted kind and open people. Hey come sit with us people! One of those, a favorite was Terri!

So who is she?!

Terri is a Irish savy lady who’s energy is energizing and aura speaks volumes without her saying a word!

I’m amazed by her history of struggles turnt into strength and wisdom and I’m hoping she writes a book one day so you all can get to know her too! But until then do follow her on Instagram and enjoy these shots we spontaneously took at my favorite restaurant, McDonald’s. Yes, it’s a restaurant and the photos are as fab as a Big Mac with extra cheese!

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Mother oh mother, why is your heart so heavy?!

Mother oh mother, why is your heart so heavy?!

Let’s talk about that gold ol’ mother’s guilt trip that sooner or later hits (most) mums. Have you felt it? Has your mother? Or maybe her mother?

I’m asking because on my recent trip to London in line for a show talking to what then was total strangers that’s the one thing we instantly built a bond on. Guilt! It seems as if regardless of how much you do or give your kids, as a mother you will ALWAYS feel like you could have done or given more. Better. It’s exhausting and frankly quite depressing! No wonder why women have a hard time being mothers and not loosing their own dreams and ambitions for themselves.

And yes boo I’m very aware of father’s being able to feel the same or both being able to not loose themselves and so on. But let’s be honest for a minute, how many do you know they don’t feel like crappy parents even though they’re the best parents they can be.

Why do we feel like this?! I think it’s because society tells us when one has a child ones should be consumed by them and devote their entire being to that child. And yes having a child is a beautiful thing but must it be everything *insert thinking emoji*!

For me I’ve noticed that this infamous guilt trip has held me back as a person and that unknowingly resulted in me being bitter and unhappy with myself, my situation and life. I’m learning day by day to say fvuxk it and accepting as well as acknowledging my need to have my own life. Apart from these wonderful monsters of that I love with all my soul. To quote a woman I met when out with Joanne

I might be off with this one but I think not. What you think? Do take my poll in my stories on Instagram.


Ps. All photos except the video on top is from when my kids were itsy bitsy babies!

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Fashions finest indeed!

Fashions finest indeed!

Fashions finest was started in 2010 by Deborah St Luis and is an leading event production company for fashion and entertainment in London. If you ask me it’s also a projectile for increasing diversity and launching new creative souls to the market, something they’ve mastered well throughout their years of establishment. I’ve been in contact with Deborah for many years always hoping to attend but unfortunately something always comes up if not my own fears as I’ve written about in a previous post readable by clicking here.

The fashion week shows took place in central London’s trendy Holborn area and offered both good and not so good showcasing designers. I’ll focus on the good because the world needs more of that!

My two favorite showcasing designers of Fashions finest shows SS19. However there were others with awesome designs as well, hopefully I can borrow photos from the organizer soon because it was hard to get good shots since the place was so full and no named seating arrangement.

Louisa Moody (UK)

Misora Nakamori (Japan/France)

Other memorable moments!

See more on my Instagram and Facebook page, both named @iamayshajones ofc.


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London, fashion & missed opportunities…

London, fashion & missed opportunities…

Those of you who has followed me since way back aka my day ones, knows that I used to live in London for a short while in 2004. I went there straight from collage thinking I’d become the next Naomi, as did all skinny and somewhat tall black girls at that time. I became no Naomi and not even a Tyra, however I did fall in love with London and it was a bittersweet love indeed. I went home, pregnant and stopped modeling as such. Instead I had a wonderful baby boy (he’s not so wonderful now however being the tiny teenage monster he’s!) and became who I was supposed to be. Me. In all my glory. But I’ve always wanted a way back to London’s fashion scene and God all mighty gave me plenty of them but scared as I was I always found a way to hold myself back. This summer has been all about facing inner demons and taking a good look at myself to find some type of reconciliation with myself, people of my past and present. So that I, we may welcome the beauty of the future in peace, self control, self confidence and most importantly self love.

I thank my dear friend Samira and my stronghold Ous for pushing me to go. And most of all I thank my new manager and confident qween Yasmina for making it all happen for me, listening to my fears and then ignoring them completely in full faith of my inner strength that I myself forgot I had. Without you I wouldn’t have made this personal milestone a reality and I’m so happy to have you in my ring corner!

Here’s some photos of myself because I know what y’all really wanna see and read about is the shows, the glory and the glam. Which I’ll give y’all in tomorrow’s post but if you can’t wait til then go to my Instagram where I’ll post few glimpses on my stories. Find me on @iamayshajones as per usual babes!

By the way. Do something crazy today and then tell me all about it, let’s be savage together!


Ps. My jacket is from Zara, bought on sale 1 1/2yr ago I think #gotitforcheap cos we ain’t flexing like that!