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London, fashion & missed opportunities…

London, fashion & missed opportunities…

Those of you who has followed me since way back aka my day ones, knows that I used to live in London for a short while in 2004. I went there straight from collage thinking I’d become the next Naomi, as did all skinny and somewhat tall black girls at that time. I became no Naomi and not even a Tyra, however I did fall in love with London and it was a bittersweet love indeed. I went home, pregnant and stopped modeling as such. Instead I had a wonderful baby boy (he’s not so wonderful now however being the tiny teenage monster he’s!) and became who I was supposed to be. Me. In all my glory. But I’ve always wanted a way back to London’s fashion scene and God all mighty gave me plenty of them but scared as I was I always found a way to hold myself back. This summer has been all about facing inner demons and taking a good look at myself to find some type of reconciliation with myself, people of my past and present. So that I, we may welcome the beauty of the future in peace, self control, self confidence and most importantly self love.

I thank my dear friend Samira and my stronghold Ous for pushing me to go. And most of all I thank my new manager and confident qween Yasmina for making it all happen for me, listening to my fears and then ignoring them completely in full faith of my inner strength that I myself forgot I had. Without you I wouldn’t have made this personal milestone a reality and I’m so happy to have you in my ring corner!

Here’s some photos of myself because I know what y’all really wanna see and read about is the shows, the glory and the glam. Which I’ll give y’all in tomorrow’s post but if you can’t wait til then go to my Instagram where I’ll post few glimpses on my stories. Find me on @iamayshajones as per usual babes!

By the way. Do something crazy today and then tell me all about it, let’s be savage together!


Ps. My jacket is from Zara, bought on sale 1 1/2yr ago I think #gotitforcheap cos we ain’t flexing like that!

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    18 september, 2018 at 12:28

    Åh finaste! Jag blir tårögd! You did this! I only gave you a kick in the ass and as you said completly ignored your doubts haha. Our fears should always be addressed but never limit us or become the obstacle to not do something. I hope you have learned that our fears are not our truths!

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    Fashions finest indeed! | I Am Aysha Jones
    19 september, 2018 at 01:24

    […] Fashions finest was started in 2010 by Deborah St Luis and is an leading event production company for fashion and entertainment in London. If you ask me it’s also a projectile for increasing diversity and launching new creative souls to the market, something they’ve mastered well throughout their years of establishment. I’ve been in contact with Deborah for many years always hoping to attend but unfortunately something always comes up if not my own fears as I’ve written about in a previous post readable by clicking here. […]

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    Precious Wamboga
    20 september, 2018 at 06:22

    I admire your gutts/daring mind .
    And even though you did not become the Naomi or Tyra you are Aysha Jones. And Aysha Jones is an intelligent, ambitious, Young lady with many talents. And yes today she is daring👉🏿 Began her own model Agency, she is a makeup Artist, a fashionista, Young business interpreneur , mother, Wife . Aysha Jones is admired by the Young and old cause of her skills.
    Most of all she is beautiful just a model ❤️😀

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