It’s a matter of must!

It’s a matter of must!

I’m currently prepping for the launch of my new seminar series, Mångfaldens antonymer och vad de betyder i praktiken, and was asked by a friend ”why do you feel the need for it”. I’ll share with you three of the reasons I told her, let me know what you think. I’m sharing a short draft from the first seminar on my Instagram in a bit, click here to go there straight!

  1. Diversity is a must for brands to evolve and expand beyond ones own (imaginary) boarders.
  2. Representation and equity in striving for equality is crucial for the next generation to be and do better than us.
  3. For potential sales aspects a huge deal breaker should be that almost a fifth of Sweden’s population are immigrants of some kind.

To buy a ticket to the seminar held on august the 20th at the Glam showroom in Skeppsholmen, Stockholm please use below purchase link. Hope to see you there, a luxurious Kerr Jollof breakfast is included in the price.

You also get a handy pdf with checklist for your brand if you upload a photo or video from the seminar with the hashtag #mångfaldensantonymer and if you’re following me and Glam R us official on Instagram!

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