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Reserol, beauty from within…

The founders Magnus Nilsson Vall and Mikael Lindblad have backgrounds from working at major brands/corporations such as Omega pharma, Aco, Astrazeneca, Media, Galderma, Novartis, KRKA and Bayer.

Photo belongs to Reserol

They left their well paid jobs within pharmaceutical to start their own brand, Nutrinovate (more known as Reserol). A bold move that quickly proved to be the right one by creating ”the worlds first flat pill”, a Swedish innovation called Resveratrol boosting films. It’s a nutrition product that resolves in your mouth with it’s key ingredient being Resveratrol.

Resveratol is a plant polefynol, found in the skin of red grapes, with anti aging effects. It protects the skin against outer stress such as parasite- bacterial and virus attacs as well as against UV radiation.

The substance (resveratrol) has proven to give positive results on our skin, against diabetes, inflammation, and heart- and vascular diseases.

The brand has been nominated for several prizes and is the winner of Nutra ingredients awards 2018 for editors awards for innovations.

Some of you may remember when I visited their pharmacy in Täby, Stockholm a few months ago? If not it may be because you’re not following my stories and posts on Instagram, fix that! If you wish to see a short clip of me showing how to use the film then do click here.

Photo by Joviera Ikthiar

Coming soon…

I’ll leave you all with some news that haven’t yet been made public but given to me first hand during the Daisy beauty influencer seminar in Bath (taking place right now).

Reserol gave us an exclusive pre launch of two products that are coming soon on and launches in September at Apoteket (the pharmacy).

Overnight moisutre mask, 50ml (499kr)

A overnight mask with hexapeptides, sheabutter and vitamins that contributes to maintaining a moisturized skin. It gives a soft and smooth skin with a reduction of visible lines and protects the skin against dehydration.

Reserol retreat sheet mask, 10ml (4 masks for 795kr)

Consists of hyaluronic acid (HA), Resistress and Glycerin. Those substances should leave the face smooth, hydrated, have soothing effects and help your cells in epidermis to regenerate quicker. I will definitely try it and tell you more later!


PS. They also have a serum and tablets for boosting the immune system, hopefully I’ll tell you more about it in a near future.

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