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Ok so yesterday we (me, Jasmin and Polly) attended a event by Hoss STHLM for Ideal of Sweden to celebrate the launch of their new collection and if you’re not following me on Instagram here’s a short photo recap from the evening.

I’m wearing a dress from that I now bought on their end of year sale and my favorite wig from Scalp perfection.

Ideal of Sweden presented the new collection (as seen in below photo) and hosted a much spent on party at Berns in central Stockholm. To sum the evening: a fabulous event by two just as fabulous sisters!

1. Here / 2. Here / 3. Here / 4. Here / 5. Here / 6. Here / 7. Here

We also met the wonderful mua and influencer Mathias and his friend which we had so much fun with!

Congratulations to Ideal Sweden for a successful event and beautiful new covers.
However, this color scheme is more like me, number four is to die for!

1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5.

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