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Emergency face care routine

My face has been totally in pain these last couple of weeks due to much stress and unhealthy living. So I had to do a hardcore emergency 3 day treatment plan as I got few modeling jobs coming up soon and I can’t have bad skin for that!

Day 1:

Morning: Acasia start me up sheet mask, Idun minerals serum & day cream

Mid day: Noxi doxi detox cleanser, serum & blur & care pollution blocker, Rosenserien rosewater mist.

Evening: L’Oréal sugar scrubs (I’ve written about these before here), Kiss NY Pro face mask, Acasia 24hr repair cream

Night: Idun minerals cleansing face & eye lotion and M Picaut hydra lagoon overnight mask

Day 2:

Morning & midday: Pretty much the same apart from me skipping the morning section as the overnight mask keeps my skin in balance a little longer throughout the day, however I did apply some eye cream from Idun minerals.

Evening & night: I also did all steps earlier that the first day and changed the L’Oréal scrubs to the Rosenserien bodypeeling.

For night time I also used the clean cleanser & recovery mask from Acasia an hour or so before applying my face mask.

Day 3:

Morning: Acasia start me up sheet mask, Noxi doxi revolution eye gel, Idun minerals eye cream, serum & day cream and Rosenserien rosewater.

Midday: Bulldog face wash, moisturizer & age defense on my face parts that refuses to understand that “black don’t crack” (don’t tell bae I stole some of his products!).

Night: Noxi doxi detox cleanser, Monty’s glow afrimagic peeling mask. Idun minerals serum, eye cream and night cream.Image borrowed from Idun minerals

Image borrowed from Idun minerals

I can now brag about my flawless skin again, and the lessons learned are never to stress so much that my skin is effected because that’s when it all begins to crumble inside as our body is a direct mirror to how we feel inside. In this below photo I’m only using a tinted day cream from Idun minerals, concealer from Kiss NY Pro, brow pencil from Depend cosmetics and Idun minerals perfect brows brow gel, yet I look like I’ve spent hours in front of the mirror with far more products in my face than I have!

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