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My kids & health is my wealth!

Not too long ago I couldn’t get up from bed, my body was too heavy for me to lift. My mind was all ready up and fixing things on my very long and ambitious to do list, but my body was still in bed. And I didn’t know why but there I was, unable to get up. And I started crying because this felt so scary and I was all alone in the house. I only told few very close friends about this but brushed it off and kept going. Until when I a few weeks ago first fainted then came back to consciousness only to pass out again and this time for several hours. Everyone was home that day, but since no know knows how I and my body really feels they thought I was just tired and decided to take a nap in that ackward position. This is when I understood things has to change, not later not tomorrow now!

So recently I sold my rights to several of my brands, including Melanin boxes which needed more time and energy than I currently have. At first I was very sad about it but now once done it feels so good! It was definitely the right thing to do right now as I’m way too exhausted to keep it up and push it further to where I (& many others with me) think it could be.

I never created the brand for my own gains rather it was because I saw a need for it and felt it was my obligation to start it. But I must also keep my obligations to myself and that means focusing on my health which is currently not so well.

I’ll tell you more about my health in another post as I know many will be worried after reading this, but don’t be. I’m finally actually taking care of myself and putting me first, unapologetically and selfishly! Right now I have to order a subscription to Melanin boxes and I think you should too! Click here to shop and please keep supporting Melanin boxes, it’s a much needed and important product. It’s groundbreaking in it’s field and holds high quality!

Boxes ready to be sent to an event I sponsored!

To Therese who’s the new owner of Melanin boxes I say good luck and I’m cheering for you! I’m beyond happy that YOU became it’s new owner and have full confidence in you running it. And to Joi who helped me so much in the beginning, I owe you major and thank you for inspiring me to pick up photography!!!


What is all that success and wealth if you’re not alive to enjoy it with your loved ones?!

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