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Don’t all Queens shop at Seynur?!

I swear my hood has some of the best shops ever! It’s just such a shame people normally don’t want to shop out here because of status and other foolishness. I however love the local fashion shops and even more the inspiring owners of them.

For the Daisy beauty awards gala me, Awa & Polly visited one of the local shops in Tensta to search for an outfit we could wear. I had the task of styling my glam squad and fixed the most amazing outfits for Medina & Jasmin from Ida Sjöstedt. Katriina was there to capture us all on camera and you can see more photos on my Instagram @iamayshajones.

I came like a soccer mum, in a shirt that doesnt belong to me btw!

The light was so good, I had to take a selfie for the gram!

Me & Kicki Norman, chief publisher of Daisy beauty magazine. I loved her hair & makeup btw, so edgy and stylish!

Left with this hot number! Absolutley love this dress and I will find a way to wear it again. Photo taken by Katriina Mäkinen and makeup by Rasmus Pettersson


Ps. Watch the boomerangs for this on my Instagram, click here and let’s go!

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