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Kicki, Sam & the Glam squad

Earlier this year I had the honor of meeting one of the industry’s hardest working boss ladies, Kicki Norman. The bare thought of lunching with her scared the crap out of me until when I actually did lunch with her and got to be inspired by her awesomeness and the zero eff she gives to follow rules, expectations or anything not in line with her own values and beliefs!

She’s the founder of Daisy beauty magazine and together with her partner Sam (& off course everyone else that works with the magazine and the events) they make an remarkable team of awesomeness rarely seen in startup corporations without huge names or legacies backing the brand. However the legacy being created as we speak (if not all ready!) will need nothing other than what it all ready has, the super duo Kicki & Sam! Together they’ve built a powerhouse within media and beauty that will be hard to copy, duplicate or rule out, and we all know this industry is also full of copycats to feed off the talented souls (shade to last for days intended & noted I hope…).

The first event I attended organized by the Daisy beauty team was their annual beauty expo. A two days beauty bonanza with the top Swedish and international brands stacking up their latest products and best sellers in a fair with carefully selected guests of journalists, influencers and other beauty nerds. I loved every minute of it, as you can tell in my previous post.

The day after valentines I was invited to the second annual Daisy beauty awards, held at Södra teatern in central Stockholm. The guestlist this time was not focused on merely beauty personalities rather it was a cool mixture of various celebrities and such. We, me & my girls who were also invited, arrived in our best behavior dressed up to honor our self proclaimed nickname ”the Glam squad” so we were glammed up in flawless outfits from Ida Sjöstedt and Seynor ladies wear. I was being extra everything so I switched outfit after the award ceremony and wore a lovely jumpsuit from MadLady! It was a awesome event and we had so much fun from start to finish.

We stayed at the Comfort hotel at Kungsbron 1 in the heart of central Stockholm for the night and were treated to their comfortable yet very(!) affordable luxury. Will do a separate post about this because the hotel is lit & I’ll definitely be back soon!

However if you want to read more about the gala as such I suggest these posts below as I think they’ve described it perfectly all ready and I have nothing to add about it as such other than: wow, omg & thank you for having me!
Kicki Norman
Cawa media

Here’s some photos of the Glam squad taken by Katriina Mäkinen.

Not sure who took this one thou.

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