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A healthy snack

In collaboration with Better you Sweden

Ok so don’t be fooled by the cover photo, this is a post about a healthy snack. Or at least if you remove the jam or make your own with less sugar I guess.

I recently received few products from Better you Sweden and have been testing my way through with them. In this recipe I’ve used the protein powder with peas and oats that also has a taste of chocolate. Everyone that knows me knows I love junk food, however I’ve also come to like smoothies and chia pudding and the protein is mixable in those as well.

However, I’m African (ICYMI!) and we rarely use measuring when cooking so I don’t know exact measurements you just have to go with your guts and tastebuds.

Click here to buy the protein powder or other products from Better you Sweden. Feel free to DM me on Instagram and I’ll hook you up with a discount.

If you do try this I’d love to hear your reviews and see your photos of the snack. Hashtag it #eatlikeaysha if you want or send it to me directly.

You need:

• Chia seeds (I prefer crushed ones)

• Coconut milk

• Oat milk

• Honey

• Vanilla sugar

Peas & oat protein powder (feel free to switch it to another flavor if you like, get inspiration by clicking here)

For the topping I normally use fresh fruits, honey, jam or apple-mash.

Btw. In case no one told you. You are perfect the way you are, and you don’t need to change for anything or anyone!


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