The only scrub I want!

Products featured was given to me in PR

So a while back I got to try the L’Oréal news in skincare, makeup & haircare. So far I’ve gotten to try only the skincare products and they are lit.

The new face scrubs, or as L’Oréal calls them “smooth sugars scrubs”, comes in three types and each one has it’s own little magic touch. All jars are at 50ml and retails at around 100-130SEK.

Clearing scrub (green)

Is said to be reducing blackheads and purification of your skin. The whole thing makes me think of kiwi and I had to remind myself to not go and make a smoothie with it! It has a very fresh and soft scent to it and is kind of like summer drinks with friends, I love it.

Glow scrub (brownish)

So everyone knows I’m a glow junkie right?! Like anything that glows or makes me glow I want. Therefore I’m also very critical when it comes to products of “glowing kinds” and had such high hopes for this one (tried it last). I wasn’t let down! The glow scrub is set to “polish & boost radiance” in ones face and it sure does. For me who goes extra on glow I’d like a little bit more glow thou, I felt it polished more than it gave a glow. Don’t get me wrong the glow is there, I’m just extra everything right now!

The scent has a reminder of candy, kind of like the coca-cola treats from Candy people Sweden. Love those!

Ok so the last one is my favorite, and probably the one I would buy most of. However I think a combination of all three is optimal for a great skin, if scrubs is your cup of tea that is.

Caring scrub (chocolate)

As the combined name for these three magic jars are “smooth sugars” I think the Caring scrub is most close to the name. It left my skin smooth as a baby’s tush and kept it from being dry and boring. No one has time to crack up! It’s said to soften and soothe dryness which I think it did perfectly. Overall this one is my favorite and I kept telling everyone at home to touch my face which is a big no no otherwise!

I had everyone in the family try them (L’Oréal feel free to send new ones because mines are almost done *crying*), and they also liked them. Even the “who has time for skincare” men (who nowadays has lots of time for it #Iwin) and my tiny kids. It was a cute little family spa night at home for such a good price too!

/Aysha Jones

PS. My photographical skills are improving right, I took all photos!

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