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So today’s post was supposed to be about something totally different but I feel like I can reschedule it to tomorrow when I can also add photos from it. So here’s what’s taking my energy today and why it will only be in English (I curse better in English…). We’re not going to monkey dance for no one!

”Coolest MONKEY in the jungle” /H&M

Oh, what did H&M say?!

Let that sink in & if you’re one of the happily privileged people reading this and wondering why it’s an issue this might burst your bubble. If not, just go back to the whole you belong to and get the fuck off my blog because #idontmonkeydance & I sure ain’t my ancestors!

”In case someone else is wondering if it would have been any difference if the body wearing the shirt was of another skin tone.

“Nopes I would not have reacted had it been let’s say a white/pale skinned body in that hoodie and here’s why.

1. No whites/pales are objects of objectification

2. No whites/pales are or have been equaled as animals in history by people with the other skin tones

3. No whites/pales has been slaves (are still being slaves!) by people of black/darker skin tones

4. No whites/pales has been ridiculed or referee to as exactly monkeys, as the shirt nicely puts it

5. Another shirt from the same company glorifies a white/pale body as conquerer of the jungle or whatever that shirt said

6. No whites/pales are constantly being undermined, racially profiled, victims of various inhuman crimes against humanity in this world. And the fashion industry is the dirt of the dirt when it comes to working industries and their rasicm.

I could go on but I’d be late for work and since I don’t wanna add to the stereotypes of immigrants being lazy I gotta be on point at all times, even in my sleep. And THATS why that shirt is wrong, racist, unethical and morally corrupt!”

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