Walk out…

I had the honor of casting models for this year’s annual Stockholm beauty week and selected a few of my top models to walk with some of my new ones. All models weren’t from my agency but most of them was. The best ones dare I say?!

Either way it was a hectic day with it’s ups and downs that thought me A LOT(!) about my own worth, do:s and don’t:s. Without putting anyone on the spot I can fairly say that given another go I would have been more strict about most things or gathered my models and done a walk out… However it was an amazing experience both for me, my team and our models. We met a lot of cool people and brands which we hope to see more from in our own installations.

I’m extremely proud of my models who always makes a great impression and stands out in all crowds with their fierce walk and look. Love you girls & see you soon!All photos in this post is taken by Katriina Mäkinen for Stockholm Beauty Week.

Hair by Björn Axén, makeup from Idun minerals and dresses by Jennifer Blom.


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