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Beauty what is it to you?!

So yesterday was the start of the annual Stockholm beauty week and off course myself plus parts of my team was there. It was a jam packed premier day and even though statistically it’s the day of the month people are the most broke the mood was on top and people came ready to shop!

Amazing venue, it was made for a beauty fair in deed and I can’t wait for tomorrow’s hair show with our models, Björn Axén and Idun minerals. Here are some glimpses from day 1 (yesterday) & day 2 (today).

The fabulous owner of Face STHLM & her cute puppy, Sofia (press manager at LeNoir), her friend and myself.Inika cosmetics is a vegan makeup brand, got to try a highlight of theirs which I liked. Their main makeup artist/manager, Isabel Ztirl is a former teacher at Plusgymnasiet that uses products from Färg. If it sounds familiar it’s because they are the owner of the makeup school I’m attending.Ecotools was there showing off their amazing makeup tools. I’ll be trying those soon so a review is coming and more info about the brand.

I have a question though, or more like a few. What is beauty to you?! Lots of brands lack products for all skin tones, so is beauty being white? Lots of brands only have traditional models fronting their campaigns, is beauty being skinny? Most beauty brands, I think I even dare to say all, have females in their adverts. Is beauty only for women? A happier note is that a lot of the brands that was at the beauty week have great products for darker skin tones, one of them is Technic. I’ll be streaming live from their mingle in a bit, see the livestream here on Block TV Gambia. They will also be having a HUGE sale tomorrow!Awesomeness at the Technic booth!


Ps. Nothing in this post is sponsored…

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